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Roof Coating - 10 Things Texas Homeowners Must Know

August 22, 20223 min read

If you are in the market (or will be soon) for a roof replacement, chances are you’ve heard about roof coatings. The idea is to restore instead of replacing. So is this a viable option? Here’s what you need to know. 

  1. Roof coatings do not fix leaks. Most leaks come from penetrations in your roof (vents, pipe jacks, etc.), therefore coating your shingles won’t do much to stop those types of leaks. It is, however, the perfect time to go ahead and get that roof “tuned up”. A roof tune-up consists of replacing any missing shingles, filling in any cracks, replacing any flashing that’s rusted, and addressing any leaks. Then the coating can be applied. Voila!

  2. Roof coating goes on white, but dries clear. Oftentimes, the pictures seen can be misleading. The white color is for ease of application. After 3-4 hours, the shingles dry clear with an added shine.

  3. The purpose of roof coating is to add oils to the shingles that keep them pliable. Older, uncoated shingles get dried out, become unrepairable, crack, and deteriorate. Roof coating adds another 5 years to your roof life.

  4. Roof coating is a quarter of the price of replacement. The price will depend on the size, height, complexity, and condition of your roof. Your contractor will be able to give you a free estimate after a short visit to the property. 

  5. It is very possible that coating your roof could void your current shingle manufacturer’s warranty. That being said, manufacturer’s warranties are rarely used. They are for defects in the manufacturing process that cause the shingles to discolor, lose granules, wear out, or age prematurely. If there is hail damage or you’ve added a satellite or had other work done on your roof, chances are the warranty is already voided… and chances are you would already know if you were going to need it. 

  6. It matters what type of coating is being applied. There are different options, some of which are not made for asphalt shingles. Shingles must be able to breathe. You don’t want to add a coating that seals them up without allowing them to expand and contract.

  7. You may be tempted to apply a roof coating yourself; however, trained professionals know first about safety (where to gain access to the roof, how to distribute weight, positioning ladder correctly) and second, what to look for before applying the coating. For example, a hail hit is almost undetectable to an untrained eye, yet it can wreak havoc on a roof by continuously allowing water into the system, and as such, must be fixed prior to coating your roof.

  8. Don’t pay for your roof coating upfront. There aren’t many materials to have to purchase upfront, thus no need for hefty deposits or pre-payments. There are tons of honest roofing contractors, but this will safeguard your money from being taken and you from being taken advantage of.

  9. Find a local, trusted roofing contractor with an actual office that you could visit if you need or wanted to. This way, you don’t run the risk of having problems and not being able to reach anyone from the company.

  10. Roof coating does not affect your insurance coverage, assuming you had the correct coating applied. 

Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the first step before undertaking any major home repairs: doing your homework. Knowledge is power, and ignorance hurts you as the homeowner more than anyone else. Sometimes roof coating can be ideal, while other times, you’re going to want to go ahead and get a full roof replacement. Ultimately, asking a trusted roofing contractor for guidance in the situation is the perfect match for your newfound roofing education. Conquer Claims and Contracting is considered a trusted advisor to many regarding anything roof related. They can be reached by phone at 817-420-6226 or by setting an online appointment.

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